Electric motor mechanical transmission systems

Electric motor mechanical transmission systems must be suitable for the load characteristics

So that the electric motor is installed in the equipment that it should trigger, it is necessary to use components that have this assignment. These sets of components are called mechanical transmission systems.

Electric motor mechanical transmission systems must be suitable for the load characteristics that will be triggered and should still have compatibility with the radial and axial forces that the electric motor supports.


When the electric motor is subjected to special applications, this happens because the electric motor works with a vertical shaft, in which case, some fans and compressors can provide axial loading conditions in excess and this will require the manufacturer to develop a specific design for this type of electric motor.

It is common for excessive axial load occurs when the pulley is placed on the electric motor shaft the wrong way.

Gasoline on electric motor

Gasoline also used interferes with the life of the electric motor, see how:

The electric motor of four-stroke was developed smoothly, because then the durability of the electric motor will be prolonged if the instructions in the manufacturer’s instructions are followed to the letter. The owner’s manual should be read before putting the electric motor in operation for damage and injuries are avoided.

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Fuel is another factor that affects considerably the life of the electric motor and therefore should only be used automotive gasoline and never leaded gasoline or high-octane.

No type of oil should be mixed with gasoline, because it prevents the electric motor suffers with the formation of deposits within the combustion chamber. It is important to remember that the electric motor should not be filled with dirty gasoline or has high water addition.

Supply frequency on electric motor

Supply frequency also interferes with the operation of the electric induction motor

The supply frequency of the electric induction motor is also an important factor in operation. Even though Brazil is not a country that suffers often problems in the power network it is common to electric motor burning driven by the decrease in electric motor supply frequency.


The electric motor that supports a range of about 5% of the rated frequency, but if it is designed to 60hz even without load it can burn if it is connected in a network of 50 Hz, due to the rise of the magnetizing current with the reduced frequency.

The big problem today is the ease of acquiring electric motor that are from other countries and have a different frequency that is standard in Brazil. This happens a lot when the buyer does not make use of technical assistance.

Correct mounting electric motor

To make the correct assembly of the electric motor has very secret, but for those who have never done this procedure, we recommend hiring a professional expert. In fact, is not the assembly that will be made, but the installation because the engine itself is already ready.

In case of doubt, nothing better than to consult the manual to have knowledge of the process steps. The Internet can also find several tutorials and videos that teach how to properly. Be sure to go after valid information so you can make the correct assembly of the electric motor.

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The electric motor is a very important machine for various industrial and commercial segments. The various types and engine models we have available shows how it has undergone significant changes over the years. Its function remains the same which is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Learn about the parts that make up the electric motor rotor squirrel cage

There are on the market two types of three-phase electric induction motor which are: three-phase electric induction motor with wound rotor and the other rotor squirrel cage.

Both the three-phase electric induction motor with wound rotor and squirrel cage rotor work the same way, but the electric motor with squirrel cage rotor is constructed to be simpler and has a lower cost.

The electric motor VEBM3615T 5HP cage has a housing which is made of a special alloy of aluminate which is injected under pressure or in cast iron safely units for light and robust and strong construction.

The electric motor also has a stator. Stator composition is made with steel sheet having low carbon or silicon steel and thus the losses are low and the magnetic permeability is very high.

Buy cheap electric motor

If you want to buy cheap electric motor to know that there are brands that are more affordable. Even the store you choose to purchase the product may directly influence the value of it. Therefore, like any other product that you are buying, the electric motor will also require you to make a price research before purchasing.

Series Drive: 2 HP (1.5 kW), 240V

Before making the purchase look to make a comparison between models, types and brands so you can find the cost and more affordable benefit to you. If you want the engine used to know that is even cheaper, but you must be careful to buy something that is good.

Prices are based on the type and also on the mark, the two essential factors that will help to establish the value of the product. Browse search for values, that’s what makes the difference when you buy what you need. Always try to find a more affordable amount for you to get what you need.

As the electric motor works

An electric motor serves T2535173S to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Due to various types of engines, but with the same functionality, they could be present in several different segments and always showing its importance.

Many people do not know how electric motor works, but the process is much simpler than most think. To make this transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, the engine has inside a magnetic force to get the results. A simple operation of engine, but at the same time makes a big difference where it operates.

The electric motor operation also varies according to the model, this because some have single-phase models and other three-phase. What is important to understand that the goal is always the same which is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. The changes appeared to be able to serve different purposes.